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    Welcome to Weyerhaeuser's new website!

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    From Texas to Mississippi, our Gulf South Region offers some of the best lease opportunities available today. From hunting and fishing to hiking and camping, we provide the largest private selection of recreational access in the United States.

    Recreation enthusiasts can easily check our available leases, typically posted annually mid-June through late-August. You can review posted stands, view maps and visit properties – no permission or appointment needed. You can even request multiple leases.

    Once you request a lease, you’ll be contacted through your online account within 2-3 business days about next steps. Our easy-to-use and secure online payment system makes simple work of securing your lease, which includes a liability insurance policy in its cost.

    Please keep in mind, we offer these recreational opportunities within a working forest – a sustainable supply of wood to meet the world’s demand requires us to continually manage our forests with site preparation, tree planting, spraying, harvesting and more.

    Welcome to Weyerhaeuser’s recreational access program, we’re glad you’re here!


    If you have a question or comment not answered on our premier outdoor recreational access tool, please contact us: